Tired of the Tantrums? 
Simple strategies to manage meltdowns and build a positive relationship with your child at the same time.
($27 value)

In this instant PDF download you will discover: 

  • The six strategies that will bring calm and connection to your child's meltdowns
  • H​ow to prepare yourself to be in the best headspace to help your child 
  • The four secrets for helping your child calm down without saying a word
  • Three simple statements to help your child feel seen and heard
  • Your Next Steps for implementing Five-Minute Meldown Magic 
Katie Dalbey
Katie is on a mission to help parents raise kind and courageous kids. She takes a brain-based approach to discipline and shares easy-to-implement strategies to help parents guide their children’s social- emotional development. Katie has over 15 years of experience training professionals in the fields of youth development and social-emotional learning and is passionate about bringing that same level of professional training to parents. (Fun fact: she used her Five-Minute Meltdown Magic to move her daughter from a tantrum to the joy you see in this picture!)   

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